On 26 May, the first eclipse of 2021 will be the lunar eclipse. This eclipse will be just a shadow. An eclipse means that the sunlight reaches the moon in a slightly truncated form. Due to which the lunar surface starts to appear somewhat blurred in the event of a shadow lunar eclipse. According to Indian time, the lunar eclipse will start from 2.17 in the afternoon and will be at 7.19 in the evening.

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 Will eclipses occur in the year 2021?

Lunar Eclipse – 26 May 2021

The first eclipse of 2021 will be a lunar eclipse which will take place on 26 May. In India, this eclipse will be just a shadow.

Solar eclipse – 10 June 2021

In the year 2021 first solar eclipse will take place on 10 June. This solar eclipse will be seen partially in India.

Lunar Eclipse – 19 November 2021

 The final lunar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on 19 November. This eclipse will be partial.

Solar eclipse – 4 December 2021

The final eclipse is the solar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on 4 December. The unique thing is that the last eclipse of the year will not be visible in India.

Where will the first lunar eclipse and its sootak period?

 Visibility of Lunar eclipses in Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, South Korea, Burma, North and South America, Philippines, Pacific and Indian Ocean, Australia and some areas of Northern Europe. But in India, this eclipse will look like a shadow.

The visibility of this eclipse will not change in the whole of India. Hence its Sutak period will also not be valid. As the Sutak is not valid, the temple’s doors will not be closed, and the optimistic works will also not be stopped.

Which zodiac signs will be affected

View of the Hindu calendar, the first lunar eclipse of the year will be in Scorpio. Because of this, the maximum impact of this eclipse will be on the people of this amount. People of the Scorpio zodiac have to take special care during this eclipse. For the natives of Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn, the lunar eclipse will be highly encouraging, and their wealth will increase.

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